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Celebrating Success with our Scholars and Community

The TRA Medical Imaging Foundation hosted it's first annual Celebrating Successes event. It was a great evening of connecting and hearing from three of our scholars. Click on the video below. (2 min.)

Your donation can open doors, help fill the gap and provide opportunities in the healthcare workforce for a better tomorrow. We hope you will consider a donation to the TRA Medical Imaging Foundation Education Fund. click here pledge, or go the online donation portal.

To read more about the scholarship opportunities:

To meet all of our scholars click here. To read more about Tacoma Community College’s Radiology program, click here.

About the TRA Medical Imaging Foundation: Located in Tacoma, WA, The TRA Medical Imaging Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit entity, was created with the mission and vision to be an exemplary community partner in promoting better health and wellbeing now and for future generations. Through the generosity of a giving community and philanthropic support of caring and committed donors, TRA Medical Imaging Foundation works to “give back” by supporting and promoting advancements in healthcare and education for those with whom they share this beautiful region. Visit:

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